About me

Hello, I'm Hugo. I am an A-Level student at Exeter Maths School, studying Maths, Further Maths, Computer Science and Physics. My passion is programming. I mainly program in Python, however I am currently working on projects that include multiple languages (e.g. C++ and Haskell). My other hobbies include skiing, gaming, cycling and sailing.

What I use

I use Visual Studio Code for editing source code with the horizon theme. I really like it because of the debugging capabilities, how easy it is to use and how light-weight it is. Plus I don't extremely like using VIM.

I use Arch Linux for my main programming operating system with gnome as my desktop environment. However, I also use Windows, sadly, for gaming as I cannot stand the minimal performance lost with some games when using Proton or softwares like it. I also use Windows for my Surface Pro, because there is no good alternative to OneNote just yet.

Check out my projects